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My Lockdown Life Images

A pandemic 7-day photography challenge on Twitter turned into an extended series of images related my experience of Lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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7DayPhotoChallenge 1851 1852 1865 1883 1885 1887 1888 1891 1892 1896 1900 BritishLibrary Burne-Jones_Edward c19 c20 Cabanel_Alexandre Cassell's Family Paper Clark_Joseph_Clayton Collage Crane_Walter Dagnan-Bouveret_Pascal De_Morgan_Evelyn Edwardian Frith_William_Powell Illustration Kyd Lavery_John Leech_John Lockdown2.0 Lockdown3.0 LockdownEasing LockdownEasingTier2Redux LockdownLondonTier4 PandemicTierSystem photography Punch Rossetti_Dante_Gabriel Sambourne_Edward_Linley Stevens_Alfred Tenniel_John Tissot_James Victorian VictorianPeriodicals Waterhouse_John_William