My Lockdown Life: Day 488

John Leech's "Interesting" (1852) from "Punch" (vol. 22, p. 22) on Burleigh Street, Covent Garden, London


John Leech’s “Interesting” (1852) from Punch (vol. 22, p. 22)(coloured)(personal photo of personal copy of Punch)

INTERESTING. Lady. “I have called, Mr. Squills, to say that my darling little Dog (!) has taken all his MIXTURE, but his cough is no better.”


Burleigh Street, Covent Garden, London


As I slowly approach my 500th daily image/post, I am trying to think of ways to mix things up. I might try the occasional animation.

I chose to animate this image because I often find myself pacing back and forth at this intersection (Burleigh Street and Exeter Street). Tit-Bits was once headquartered here (not pictured). The building with the clock in the background is part of the George Newnes Limited headquarters constructed shortly after the launch of the Strand Magazine (using proceeds from the formation of a limited company in 1891). The company continued to use (and later rent out) the Burleigh Street offices.

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