My Lockdown Life: Day 284

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) Joseph Clayton Clark’s (aka Kid) illustrations of Wilkins Micawber (c. 1900) from Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield and Mr. Jingle (c. 1900) from Dickens’s The Pickwick Papers PHOTO LOCATION Grove Street entrance to the former Royal Navy Dockyard (now Convoys Wharf), Deptford, London

My Lockdown Life: Day 258

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) Alice Havers’s “Wide Awake” illustration from Cassell’s Christmas Annual (1890) PHOTO LOCATION Marchmont Street, London Thoughts I came across the Alice Havers illustration while browsing nineteenth-century Christmas annuals at the British Library. I can’t resist illustrations of kittens.

My Lockdown Life: Day 257

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) This collage was made for the December 2020 RSVP Digital Salon. It includes a variety of images from Victorian periodicals: Illustration of Queen Victoria’s family Christmas from the 23 December 1848 issue of the Illustrated London News “The Grocer’s Shop at Christmas” illustration from the 21 December 1850 issue of the Illustrated LondonContinue reading “My Lockdown Life: Day 257”

My Lockdown Life: Day 256

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) C. Harrison’s “Don’t Leave Your Shopping Until the Twenty-Fourth” illustration from page 265 of the 10 December 1898 issue of Punch (1898) “At a Loss Where to Begin” illustration from the cover of the December 1899 issue of Chatterbox PHOTO LOCATION Fork Deli, Marchmont Street, London

My Lockdown Life: Day 249

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) The polar bear is from an illustration on the cover of the 27 December 1899 issue of “Chums” magazine: “With an Angry Roar the Bear Rose to Its Full Height” (1899) The bottles of bubbly are from the “Christmas Decorations—Drawn by C. Gregory” illustration page 9 of the 20 December 1879 issue ofContinue reading “My Lockdown Life: Day 249”