My Lockdown Life: Day 500

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) John Everett Millais’s “Kept in the Dark” (1882)(engraved by Joseph Swain)(coloured) via Birmingham Museums Trust (1978P626.3) PHOTO LOCATION Fleet Street (looking toward Daily Telegraph building), London THOUGHTS Day 500. I am tired. I am out of inspiration. I feel like I should continue, although I am not sure how. I did not quiteContinue reading “My Lockdown Life: Day 500”

My Lockdown Life: Day 445

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) Charles Samuel Keene’s “To Be Quite Accurate” illustration from p. 286 of the 11 June 1887 issue of Punch (vol. 92) (personal photo of London Library copy of Punch) Gold frame is from the Birmingham Museums Trust painting The Knight (1986P112) PHOTO LOCATION IALS (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies), London THOUGHTS The PunchContinue reading “My Lockdown Life: Day 445”

My Lockdown Life: Day 442

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) Thomas Benjamin Kennington’s “Reading the Letter” (1885) Joseph Clayton Clark’s “A Reader of the Era” (c.1900) – used in My Lockdown Life: Day 275 Georges Merle’s “L’Envoûteuse” (The Sorceress) (1883) – used in My Lockdown Life: Day 391 PHOTO LOCATION Photo 1: Newsroom, British Library, London Photo 2: Next to the King’s Library,Continue reading “My Lockdown Life: Day 442”

My Lockdown Life: Day 436

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) Figure from Edward Linley Sambourne’s “The Japanese School at the Royal Academy” from the 4 February 1888 issue of Punch (vol. 94, p. 50) (personal photo of London Library copy of Punch) PHOTO LOCATION Photo 1: Escalator to the Jubilee Line in Green Park Station, London Photo 2: Front of the house atContinue reading “My Lockdown Life: Day 436”