My Lockdown Life: Day 499

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) John Leech’s “Sincere Grief at the Destruction of the Crystal Palace” (1851) from Punch (vol. 21, p. 177)(coloured)(personal copy of Punch) Banners on Piccadilly are part of “Piccadilly Art Takeover” sponsored by the Royal Academy and Art of London PHOTO LOCATION Intersection of Piccadilly and St. James’s Street, St. James’s, London

My Lockdown Life: Day 497

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) John Leech’s “Protection to Barristers” (1851) from Punch (vol. 21, p. 32)(coloured)(personal copy of Punch) PHOTO LOCATION Prince Street, Deptford, London THOUGHTS As I approach the 500th post in a row, I am starting to think of ways to change this endeavour – link it more to my research. So I am spendingContinue reading “My Lockdown Life: Day 497”

My Lockdown Life: Day 488

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) John Leech’s “Interesting” (1852) from Punch (vol. 22, p. 22)(coloured)(personal photo of personal copy of Punch) PHOTO LOCATION Burleigh Street, Covent Garden, London THOUGHTS As I slowly approach my 500th daily image/post, I am trying to think of ways to mix things up. I might try the occasional animation. I chose to animateContinue reading “My Lockdown Life: Day 488”

My Lockdown Life: Day 482

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) John Leech’s “Introduction of Cheap Omnibuses, and Frightful Upset of Dignity” (1852) from Punch’s Almanack for 1852 (vol. 22)(coloured)(personal photo of personal copy of Punch) Gold frame from “Reading the Letter” (1945P55) via Birmingham Museums Trust (CC0) PHOTO LOCATION Jermyn Street, St. James’s, London