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My LOCKDOWN Life: An Exhibit of Sorts

It was forever ago…11 April 2020…a momentous and strange day. UK Lockdown 1.0 had been in place for about a month. Both Beth Gaskell (@gaskell_beth) and Deborah Canavan (@DeborahCanavan2) independently nominated me to do a 7-day “My Life in Photos” challenge on Twitter. It was a revelation. After weeks inside with little diversion other than state-permitted daily exercise, I needed something to help me get through the pandemic. So I started taking daily photographs of My LOCKDOWN Life: cats and plants and buildings. Seven days turned out to be just the beginning.

On Day 155 (13 September 2020) the project changed. Collage entered the picture. After reinvigorating my practice of collage (material and Photoshop), I started incorporating images from nineteenth-century artworks into the daily photographs. Several kind people encouraged me to put together a digital exhibit. This website is the result.

This site is a home for the “My LOCKDOWN Life” series (photographs and collages) as well as my freelance editorial work, independent research, and writing. Like the collages, it will be niche, down-and-dirty, erratic, occasionally inspired, uncompensated, and mostly ignored.


My Lockdown Life: Day 400


Elizabeth Southerden Thompson, Lady Butler’s “Remnants of an Army” (c.1842), showing the only survivor of the 1842 Massacre of Elphinstone’s army during British retreat from Kabul


Childers Street, Deptford, London


After 400 daily images, I am feeling very much like this poor, struggling horse.