My Lockdown Life: Day 448

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) William Holman Hunt’s “The Lady of Shalott” (c. 1888–1905) Illustration of 19c paper storage warehouse from Sell’s World Press (1892)(Personal photo of British Library copy) My Lockdown Life Day 421 My Lockdown Life Day 442 My Lockdown Life Day 447 Gold frame from Paul Sandby’s “Noon” (1953P360) from Birmingham Museums Trust (CC0) PHOTOContinue reading “My Lockdown Life: Day 448”

My Lockdown Life: Day 400

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) Elizabeth Southerden Thompson, Lady Butler’s “Remnants of an Army” (c.1842), showing the only survivor of the 1842 Massacre of Elphinstone’s army during British retreat from Kabul PHOTO LOCATION Childers Street, Deptford, London THOUGHTS After 400 daily images, I am feeling very much like this poor, struggling horse.

My Lockdown Life: Day 300

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) Edwin Landseer’s “Windsor Castle in Modern Times, Queen Victoria and Her Family‘” (c.1842) PHOTO LOCATION Pepys Park, Deptford THOUGHTS I cannot believe that I have created 300 daily pandemic images and posted them on Twitter. It feels like yesterday when, relatively early in the pandemic, two colleagues on the same day asked meContinue reading “My Lockdown Life: Day 300”