My Lockdown Life: Day 458

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) Adolph Sandoz’s illustration “Why Lingers He? The Hour of Tryst is Past” (1891) from p. 173 of Cassell’s Family Paper (personal photo of London Library copy) Gold frame from “Reading the Letter” (1945P55) via Birmingham Museums Trust (CC0) PHOTO LOCATION Behind St. James’s Piccadilly between Jermyn Street and Piccadilly, London

My Lockdown Life: Day 448

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) William Holman Hunt’s “The Lady of Shalott” (c. 1888–1905) Illustration of 19c paper storage warehouse from Sell’s World Press (1892)(Personal photo of British Library copy) My Lockdown Life Day 421 My Lockdown Life Day 442 My Lockdown Life Day 447 Gold frame from Paul Sandby’s “Noon” (1953P360) from Birmingham Museums Trust (CC0) PHOTOContinue reading “My Lockdown Life: Day 448”

My Lockdown Life: Day 444

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) Sell’s World Press (1892)(personal photos of British Library copy): Image 1 = Aziz Ahmad, editor of Asia (published in Glasgow) from the “Heads of the World’s Press” feature Image 2 = Woman’s eyes from sample advertisement for Lewis’s Wonderful Velveteen Image 3 = Woman with umbrella from another sample advertisement Tunbridgeware frame isContinue reading “My Lockdown Life: Day 444”

My Lockdown Life: Day 440

COLLAGE SOURCE(S) Edward Linley Sambourne’s “Ladies Not Admitted” from the 21 March 1896 issue of Punch (vol. 110, p. 134)(hand coloured)(personal photo of London Library copy of Punch) PHOTO LOCATION Photo 1: Bus stop on East Street, Hoxton, London Photo 2: Cayton Street outside of Moorfields Eye Hospital, London THOUGHTS I recently went to MoorfieldsContinue reading “My Lockdown Life: Day 440”