My Lockdown Life: Day 462

Davidson Knowles's "Marion Was Alone" (1891) from Cassell's Family Paper in Masons Yard, St. James's, London (My Lockdown Life Day 458 on the sign in the background)


Davidson Knowles’s “Marion Was Alone” (1891) from William J. Lacey’s “In Wayward Mood” from Cassell’s Family Paper (personal photo of London Library copy)

My Lockdown Life: Day 458 [Featuring Adolph Sandoz’s “Why Lingers He? The Hour of Tryst is Past” (1891) from P. 173 of Cassell’s Family Paper]

Gold frame from “Wooded Landscape with Sheep Crossing the Bridge” via Birmingham Museums Trust (1984P10)


Masons Yard, St James’s, London

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