My Lockdown Life: Day 447

John Lavery's "Mrs. Ralph Peto as a Bacchanate" (1910) in front of a phone booth on Evelyn Street, Deptford, which has on it a female torso planter from in front of the Charleston Gift Shop. Next to the figure are two urns featuring poppies from Charleston Farm (Shannon R. Smith photograph urn sold at the Charleston Gift Shop). Everything is within a frame from the Birmingham Museums Trust (1984P24).


John Lavery’s “Mrs. Ralph Peto as a Bacchanate” (1919)

Shannon R. Smith photograph of a pink urn sold at the Charleston Gift Shop (29 June 2021)

Frame from Birmingham Museums Trust (1984P24 Head of a Monk by Edward Richard Taylor)


Photo 1: Phone box on Evelyn Street, Deptford, London

Photo 2: Torso planter outside the Charleston Gift Shop

Photo 3: Poppies growing in Charleston gardens


“Maybe I need to go a bit vaginal in the collages.”

Ann M. Hale, 24 June 2021

In response to Emine Saner’s “Vulva Decor” article in the 24 June 2021 issue of the Guardian

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