My Lockdown Life: Day 444

Images from "Sell's World Press" (1892), including Aziz Ahmed, editor of "Asia" (Published in Glasgow), a woman with an umbrella from a sample ad designed by Sell's Advertising, and eyes from a sample advertisement for Lewis's Wonderful Velveteen, on City Road across from Moorfields Eye Hospital, London in a Tunbridgeware frame made by James Brown in the Hollamby workshop (c. 1850)


Sell’s World Press (1892)(personal photos of British Library copy):

  • Image 1 = Aziz Ahmad, editor of Asia (published in Glasgow) from the “Heads of the World’s Press” feature
  • Image 2 = Woman’s eyes from sample advertisement for Lewis’s Wonderful Velveteen
  • Image 3 = Woman with umbrella from another sample advertisement

Tunbridgeware frame is from the Birmingham Museums Trust 1965T5418


City Road outside of Moorfields Eye Hospital, London


I was intrigued by the portrait of Aziz Ahmad, editor of Asia (published in Glasgow), that was included in a feature on world press editors from the 1892 issue of Sell’s World Press. Ahmad, who was originally from Lucknow, advertised his lectures on Muslim beliefs, dress, and customs in the press in the early 1890s. He often spoke to missionaries about how to preach to Muslims in India.

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