My Lockdown Life: Day 442

Thomas Benjamin Kennington's "Reading the Letter" (1885) in the Newsroom at the British Library surrounded by My Lockdown Life Day 275 [Joseph Clayton Clark's "A Reader of the Era" (c1900) in the British Library] and My Lockdown Life Day 391 [Georges Merle’s “L’Envoûteuse” (The Sorceress) (1883) in front of the King's Library at the British Library]


Thomas Benjamin Kennington’s “Reading the Letter” (1885)

Joseph Clayton Clark’s “A Reader of the Era” (c.1900) – used in My Lockdown Life: Day 275

Georges Merle’s “L’Envoûteuse” (The Sorceress) (1883) – used in My Lockdown Life: Day 391


Photo 1: Newsroom, British Library, London

Photo 2: Next to the King’s Library, British Library, London

Photo 3: Near the lifts, British Library, London

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