My Lockdown Life: Day 440

Figure from Edward Linley Sambourne's "Ladies Not Allowed" from the 21 March 1896 issue of Punch (p. 134) next to a bus stop on East Road, Hoxton, London, which features image of Cayton Street outside Moorfield's Eye Hospital


Edward Linley Sambourne’s “Ladies Not Admitted” from the 21 March 1896 issue of Punch (vol. 110, p. 134)(hand coloured)(personal photo of London Library copy of Punch)


Photo 1: Bus stop on East Street, Hoxton, London

Photo 2: Cayton Street outside of Moorfields Eye Hospital, London


I recently went to Moorfields Eye Hospital for some tests. After decades of vision impairment, I realised that up until now most of the neuro-ophthalmologists that I’ve encountered have been men. Recently I’ve seen more women, and they are asking new and different questions, including ones I asked years ago that male doctors dismissed. I recognised the difference in treatment while waiting at this bus stop.

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