My Lockdown Life: Day 300

Celebrating my 300th pandemic Twitter post with Queen Victoria and Albert from Edwin Landseer’s “Windsor Castle in Modern Times” (c.1842) in Pepys Park, Deptford



Pepys Park, Deptford


I cannot believe that I have created 300 daily pandemic images and posted them on Twitter. It feels like yesterday when, relatively early in the pandemic, two colleagues on the same day asked me to do a 7-day photography challenge. The collages started much later, of course. 300 feels like an important threshold. I have reached the point where the daily posts seem more like a chore than a creative activity. They no longer feel original or new. Followers are ignoring them. But, I am determined to push through. Creatively, it feels essential to continue, regardless..

Today I celebrate the 300 posts with Landseer’s animal-rich (and batshit in my opinion) portrait of Victoria and Albert, although I edited out all but one of the dead birds.

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